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Why did I Quit Smoking and Switch to Vaping: An Indian Vaper — October 28, 2017

Why did I Quit Smoking and Switch to Vaping: An Indian Vaper

I Vape (since two months) and ignore- there is no significant study to prove that Vaping is completely better than Cigarette smoking, although common sense justifies the sanity.

But, I choose to ignore it because after 6 years of smoking cigarettes (2 packs a day to even 8 packs a day) I haven’t touched a cigarette in the last two days since Ekart delivered the Vape.

Why did I Quit Smoking and Switch to Vaping

Why did I Quit Smoking and Switch to Vaping: An Indian Vaper

Unless scientists dig and find more, I feel better that I am no longer smoking

  • Paper
  • I can literally count the nicotine that goes into my lungs
  • Wood Chips
  • Random Carcinogens

And … this is also why I Quit Smoking and Switch to Vaping

  • No more Ash

  • No more yucky taste in the Mouth

  • No more tar

  • No more nicotine if I want a gust of Cohiba Cigar

  • No more trying to finish a cigarette; take two drags and leave the pen aside

  • No more Burning any of my lovely Bedsheets, Mattresses or even People!

  • No more worrying about running out of cigarettes in the dead of the night

  • No more feelings of restlessness when the pack is nearing an end

Benefits of Quitting Smoking to Switch to Vaping


Source of the Infographic 

Before you go …

Out of curiosity, after a month of vaping, I lit a cigarette. As luck may have it, I hated the taste right away. A few months ago, I was always hesitant to share the first puff of my cigarette. And now, I’m finally done with ’em!

The featured image is my Vape IniZio 900.

If you’re a Doctor who fan, you’ll love this!

Doesn’t my Vape look like the Sonic Screwdriver?

Why did I Quit Smoking and Switch to Vaping: An Indian Vaper

Even scientifically, Vaping is proved to work as an inhaler that expels the mucus. With my YoPlay Flavors I’m never touching a cig.

How do I convince my mom to let me get an ear piercing? —

How do I convince my mom to let me get an ear piercing?

Do what I did ; (tell your mom-)‘Let’s get it together!’- to convince your mom to let you get an ear piercing!

It seriously worked like a spell when I was in my 7th Grade. And then, when I was in College, for my nose ring! And to my surprise, both the times, she got it with me.

Some evidence on the facts- how I convinced my mom to let me get an ear piercing

download (9)
My Mom

A bit into the backdrop how it worked …

So, someone or from something I saw in class 7th (Age 13), triggered that a second ear piercing is totally cool. Freaks have a totally different meaning in God’s Own Country. Or, it must’ve been a doubly convincing friend in the school, I don’t remember who or what.

I told mom when I got home from school, “I really love the second piercing. I want one.”

She, “ Wow. Let’s get it together. “

Now she always had a nose ring which she chucked after marriage because dad showed a slight dislike. My mom changes her clothes at the last minute based on dad’s reactions. Ya, I never had power against it. So, the second ear piercing was not so much in Dad’s Rule book and free to do because dad was in Gulf. Dad liked it too.

We went to the Josco goldsmith in Kottayam and got it done within a day. Two identical gold studs. That remained with me for long and in college 3rd semester I wanted to get a nose ring.

The second time I convinced my mom to let me get an ear piercing

This time, I told her let’s get it done. She was very hesitant and went on and off with it, but we got it done together again. Me a gold nose ring and she a gold stud.

So, you see it totally works as it did twice for me.

But unfortunately, Indian moms are particularly glued to the yellow (shite colored) metal so much and I had my fill while she had hers seeing my in a golden shine (I hate gold). So, make her imagine how pretty she looks or would look in a little piercing herself. Talk to her about India or even the culture of how it is believed that gold doubles the beauty of a woman (total bull crap, but she doesn’t need to know that, eh) and so on.

My mom heaves a sigh of relaxation when she is done making me wear a jhumka to my gold stud, a mala, the anklets and the bangle that’s worth more than a lakh testing my patience. Moms! Mine is super lovely and super attached to the shite colored metal named Gold like most in Kerala.

Before you go and try to convince mom to get you an ear piercing

download (10)

This is all at least three years older than the now. Recently I’ve been asking for a Kunukku*, seems like my sis-in-law is also interested. Anywho, I will do that as soon as I decide I can spend my money on Gold 😛 😀

*Kunukku: Piercing of the upper earlobe especially that of the Keralite christians (feel free to correct me)


Which people can be best thought of as “walking MDMA”? —

Which people can be best thought of as “walking MDMA”?

People with high serotonin levels all the time can be thought of as “walking MDMA”. These can be people in love with others, their own life, work, lifestyle and even their secret stash. I will explain my hypothesis based on my experience.

What does “walking MDMA”/ High Serotonin People do?


It fills your brain with the happy hormone

Swim will tell you what happened with, when S tried MDMA (quite a while ago).

So, my exact dose for the body weight according to MollyMeasure did not make Swim high (70 mg), so Swim redosed (50 mg more) and it brought forth a mix of enlightening things. Forget the eye wiggle to euphoric euphoria, Swim  began to sense the serotonin in my system.

Swim was tripping with her roomie.


Swim began to feel overpowering connectivity to the surroundings and more importantly to the movie, The Space Between us, as well as this towards this intimate friend of mine.

Enlightenment on MDMA


Swim leaned on his chest and closed my eyes because the jiggly eyes had put Swim in a can’t-focus-or-keep-my-eyes-open-state. Then it hit Swim .

All those feelings that Swim felt my experience of True Love in my Teenage times with that dearest Chap were popping like mushrooms under the Malabar Thunder and Rains in my head then. The only difference was that Swim’s True Love face was changed to this intimate friend. Whoa! And, click Swim  understood it all!

All the while, Swim was tripping with a smile on his chest and sneering at its magnanimity, consecutively feeling the tactile imageries and soundtrack of the Sci-Fi Movie.

To be honest, it was nothing sexual. MDMA is not a sex drug. Swim should know because we tried copulating and put it off after a few minutes. It is a chemical for closeness, connecting with people and nature, if you may. It actually clarifies the thin difference that separates sex and intimacy, as Swim never quite understood before.

So, Swim got it finally. The key to end the misery of thoughts about that one true love by the end of the trip-

Whenever our brain shoots up serotonin, it is nothing but the happiest of your fantasies. In my case, the connection with the man, reflected my older happiest memories of being with the man. Hence, there is nothing called love. It is merely your serotonin shooting up neurons from your happiest locked rooms from the bygone past …

Swim was relieved to know finally why was that old chap’s face popping up during my PMDD.

So, to be a walking MDMA you need to bustling with Serotonin. Now you know, why Swim  used the word Love to describe all the Serotonin hyper effects.

Would I want to be a “walking MDMA”?



Swim don’t want to be the hyper one or perpetually happy one (Swim is a poet and melancholy is Swim’s pet), but I can remember quite a few people from the Campus who were never on psychedelics or any drugs for that matter, but were so full of serotonin; they were awesome.


Before you go …


I don’t do MDMA a lot; its been a year perhaps. In fact, it was not the lack, but the choice, and Swim truly means it. Even though it was enlightening, there’s a catch!

Every time you take MDMA, your mind fills with serotonin and then you’re happy, and then you doze off with a smile, but wake up with tears, (perhaps because of eye muscle overworking) mostly because of the comedown. After using up herculean amounts of serotonin to shoot up your brain, your body will have none left for the next day. Simply put, its gonna take a toll next day or you’ll be sad after the comedown. Swim tried it for PMS, but found it really hard to bear with the next day when the bout of depressive PMS began after the day of X Trip.

If you get what I mean, don’t take it all the time. Its gonna take it a tollyou on roll.

What is the height of Indian hypocrisy? —

What is the height of Indian hypocrisy?

When I was groped (as unfortunate as it is) by a pedestrian (touched private area and bruised my hand), the crowd took class on our dress and let the guy go, until the AP police got him… so, this is my take on  Indian hypocrisy.

Time: 20:20 (or so), early 2012.

A Bit into the Context of my version of Indian Hypocrisy

 Indian hypocrisy

So, me and three girlfriends decided to check out how and what was the so-called Ladies Night Out. We got a senior female who could get us in because she knew the owner or so and the best thing was we didn’t need an ID card. (I was 19 and the legal age to drink in India is 21).

I wore my happy fun sexy time dress, which was sleeveless and just above the knee. Not too tight as much as the satin beauty. I will try to find if I’ve a pic of that dress.

We got an Auto in front of EFL-U Gate No: 1, where the security guards stood under the invisible chandeliers and solid stone arch bearing the University Initials. Such grandeur and we were already in high hopes to drink happily and for me, visit the first pub a.k.a night club or bar of my life.

We were headed for Taj Vivanta in Begumpet. A man friend (mutual) was around as he was heading home too. We got an auto from right in front of the gate. Three of us snuggled in with me at the window seat.

MY Most numbing Encounter with Indian Hypocrites


Now the gate was always crowded, there are many outlets, SBI ATM, two paanwallah, a chai wallah and an Auto Stand, if not the speed bump that did not pause life enough at the gate.

Suddenly out of the dark, a hand grabbed my breasts and squeezed it. I held the arm and a key dropped into the auto. I don’t know if I was screaming because two friends got out of the Auto and went running behind the guy. Also, the guy had scratched all over my arm.

Yes, everything happened in a wink and he was running. Seeing the senior and my boyfriend at the time had caught him, I ran to the crowd only to find that there was no guy and the crowd had stopped the girls calling us immoral. They commented on our culture to dress and never asked what happened. This is the Indian Hypocrisy that does quite wash up on a Ganga!

Yes, we were pussies because we badly wanted to go away from all that and we got another auto. We’d reached the Begumpet (20 minutes from the Campus) flyover and this mutual friend who had bid us goodbye after the commotion calls.

Him- “These people have stopped me from going. They’re demanding a key or so. His friend is here. They slapped me.”

We turned the Auto around and I called the guy I was dating at the time. By the time we reached, there was a few hundred students and some localities in front of the gate. Our fears were very well taken care of.

They were demanding the key, which we said, we lost.

Later when the hullaballoo calmed down, four of us secretly threw it into our favorite Heritage Pool.

What happened next: A Comment on Indian Hypocrisy


The rest is that I wrote and FIR and we (together) filed the complaint. That’s when I actually saw how blue black his hold on my arms were in that few seconds. It took a month or so for it to disappear. Students took the bike inside.

The AP (Andhra Pradesh at the time) police found the guy six months later.

When they called us to identify the guy, I couldn’t quite remember him. My best friend did. She identified him and the Police asked us to withdraw the case as the culprit was an suicidal, an exam aspirant, son of a judge and father of a two year old daughter, we didn’t budge first. Then, he apologized wholeheartedly and my best friend gave a beautiful lecture on what can happen if the same happens to his daughter with people like him as well as her spite if he kills himself.

He seemed very guilty and apologetic and a changed man. There was not much to think of when he was crying and saying he’d tried killing himself.

The Commissioner (Osmania University) asked us to withdraw us with a reason that parents were pressuring us. But, my parents didn’t (another hypocrisy) and I wrote as I’d to move off from Hyderabad.

When the crowd disappeared, the commissioner, someone named Asok, thanked us for the courage or so and asked what would we want as a gift. That friend, she said ‘diary milk silk’. So we got a police to buy us two giant Dairy Milk Silk and bid goodbye until next time.

Before You go and become a part of Indian hypocrisy


I had to lodge another complaint too and it was thanks to the friends and campus vigilantes, but still horrific too and a woman assault crime. That, for another day. One day, I should go to Osmania University Police Station and get a copy of both the FIRs.

I never go out without a jacket or at least a shawl. Stupid silly times!

What was your most embarrassing tale of puberty? —

What was your most embarrassing tale of puberty?

I am sure many will find this not-so-embarrassing, but this was helluva embarrassing at the time for me. Bear with me because this is not just about being found out in love by your Indian Parents. So, it was just after the 50 days vacations in my ninth standard (age 13/14) I fell in love for the first time and the most embarrassing tale of puberty happened. With a guy I met through a mutual friend and via that popular internet website named Orkut.

Orkut: The most embarrassing tale of puberty happened


His name was Rohit Jacob and before him I was a strict-no-guys’ girls (puberty came late), very much misandrist and was always looking to prove boys wrong.

Our class boys were quite fight-y and unattractive (to me) too. He was two years older to me and I knew that he was in Kerala only for vacation as his parents were settled in Dubai. I also talked to his sister on Orkut (at that time).

So we used to talk a lot and he must have made my mind go ga-ga with feelings and that I wrote love letters (which I never posted, but hoped to give them soon) and hid them under my bed.

I wrote about how he described my lips, drinking honey outta it(such an aroused teenager!) and French Kiss. And being a poet, I went mad with descriptions. I am so glad that I didn’t explore sex at the time!

Things like this … most embarrassing tale of puberty


How all couples on the road seemed like ‘us in the future’ and so on …


And this …

One day when the school ended (2:40 PM), I see dad at the school gate on his motorcycle. My dad rarely pick me up, only if there were any real necessity and I used to come home by myself (we friends used to walk together 2km gossipping and all until the Bus Stop and then catch a bus).
He didn’t speak anything while I was trying to prick his humor bone and, he remained mum throughout the 7km ride.

I reached home, there was no tubelight in the hall and mom told me my room was changed to the guest room. Altogether the air was really negative, sad and dire. I had already felt exactly what had happened.

They found my Love Letters with the Obscene-weird-Teenage-Sexual-Fantasies! (I wish I hadn’t burned it!)

I slyly walked to the guest room and then, began to shout (out of fear I guess) about WHY was my room changed. Mom came and showed me the letter I had supposedly written to Rohit. My ears went Red. Then the whole body. And I ran to the bathroom. (Bathroom was, is and will always be such a safe place to cry as well as to catch a sneaky drag; lookout for the smoke alarms if you’re onto the latter)

I cried for five minutes.

I then heard dad telling mom he is going out for something and the motorcycle sound. I cried some more and then called for mom from the bath. She came and stood next to the bathroom and I said “ I will do anything you ask me, all the dishes, cooking and brooming if you make dad forget this and never ask me about it”.

She agreed. I finished my bath and came out.

Dad came by that time and my food was served. Dad sat at the table and I saw my diary in his hand. Oh my gawd! Then the roller coaster began.

He read aloud my letter until the very end.

(I began screaming and crying). (We had a strict no-Love policy, even though dad changed so much later).

Then he read some my diary verses about what I had written about love.

In fact, the diary was more obscene. Bodily rushes including how he was the first fellow who made an arousing image of mango for boobs. I had described everything except masturbation. Good Lord. Our english teacher wanted us to keep a diary for vacation and my diary writing started like that. After he was done examining my diary, I began to invest my mind and emotions into it.

Anyway, dad gave a zillion advice in that one hour at the dining table from how guys cheat girls to getting raped to getting assaulted and the horrifying reality with love (don’t worry, I’ve fallen in and out of love too many times now)

I had nothing to say and the best thing that came to my mind was a lie.

I wanted him to stop reading the diary. I told him “the letter was for Renuka (Because her name started with R and She is My BFF sorry di, have I told you this?) and it was nothing serious. Just a love story plot I was writing for another fiction”.

Immediately dad closed everything and gave it. I don’t know if he believed it or wanted to believe it. He said one thing, “India hasn’t approved Girl to Girl Marriage Okay”.

He didn’t say anything anymore.


I was pathetically embarrassed. From 3 pm to about 6 pm. My family is a Roman Catholic one and love marriages are the worst thing to even think about because people were eloping too much during those times. Two of my neighbors (friends Chinchu and Neethu) eloped too after a years. Both have two kids each now 😛 😀 LOL!

The dust settled.

We never spoke about it after that. He has made jokes on lesbianism a few times watching me closely. It would be weird if he understands I am bi-sexual. 😀

But, a vacation or two later (as he was in Gulf since 3 years), he said, he called a Vastu Shasthra Guy and the fellow said I will have numerous affairs with men in the future and a hole in the wall (LOL!) on some specific side of the wall will correct it.

The next vacation, my dad tried making that hole, but I challenged his Christian values (even though I agree to the science of Vasthu) and was forgotten sooner than later. It was another embarrassing pop up of the moment.


What Happened Next?

Me and Rohit continued the affair after he went back to Dubai. At that time, the affair was such a big deal to the head. Thinking about living together forever and kids and house and all the rest of the B.S. I even told him we might have to break up because my Dad knew and I couldn’t take it (really true) but well …

I’d told two of my other best friends (S and J) about Rohit and did not have balls to tell it to Renu actually (LOL! She was my BFF and we were the thickest back then; I told Renu later; I didn’t tell her because I knew she would criticize me, pity the Orkut love; hell everyone was talking about Internet Love).

So S and J came home and I was showing off my love affair on Gmail chats and Orkut and weirdly this Rohit was online. I immediately asked him how was his sister X (I forget her name now) and he responded, ‘who X’ while S and J were glued to the screen too. I told him ‘Your sister, do you know who Iam? Your girlfriend dumbo!”

To that he responded.

“Oh. I am sorry if you felt like that. I just wanted some fun on my vacation. I was just flirting y’know” (It was in bad English and nothing like the Punctuation, Spellings and Grammar I am respecting at the moment on his dialogue!)

I was shattered. I didn’t look at J and S for a long long time. I just went to the bed and lay down thinking all the things that dad advised on Love during the hours before I lied. Everything love being bad because guys just cheat or use girls for fun (no loss of virginity here tho) were all words with heavyweight at the moment. The went home soon enough.

I felt so shitty back then for a good long time. But after a few months, we (my friends or as we used to call ourselves- GAJRAS) found other people to hit on together! (teenage love is like a bubble I guess and I feel funny when I thin think back)

I didn’t talk with a lot of people for a few days. It was the vacations again and long later he tried contacting me and I lashed his ass on the phone and bid good bye to the pains too.

Well, that was a 10x embarrassing from one asshole, that too one who made me feel the tingles for the first time. Today perhaps I spurn on love for a totality of the reasons springing from this. Who knows anything anyway!

Before you go …


Just yesterday, my dad and mom were telling, “Please marry. It doesn’t matter if he is not even a Christian!”. Perhaps they were thinking about the Lesbian streak …
Thanks for the loooong read. Hoooooooooosh!

What was your most embarassing moment during puberty?



What to do when your tattoo is turning Crappy? —

What to do when your tattoo is turning Crappy?

I know how it feels to have a fucked up tat right when you need it to be perfect. All that pain goes to waste when you can’t flaunt your tat whenever you want it. To start with, I have five tattoos. And, I didn’t learn my lesson to care about the tattoo until I fucked it up.

So, here’s my semi-autobiographical tip on how to save your tattoo once its fucked up!

download (7)

Follow this-

  • Let the tattoo heal

No really, wait it out. Don’t go out in the sun.

  • Take it to a new GOOD Artist

If you’re paying but pennies or peanuts, you better go to the guy who sits in front of Mandi (Any Indian Railway Station) and does tattoo for less than $1/ INR 50! And, no condom will keep the AIDS away, mind you!

  • Get a Rework

Find a great artist. Pay for their consultation time and ask them how they can rework, once you are clear about what you want. This is the time to be creative, not a sissy!

  • Pay her/him

Like I said about the peanuts guy, pay well for a good tattoo!

  • Follow the Aftercare rules

APPLY VITAMIN E + Don’t go out with the tattoo exposed+ Don’t Play with Sun. (Also, don’t let your mom try to scratch it out when you’re sleeping!)

My saga …

And because I decided to play with water, Go to Qatar for 2 weeks and apply least of Vitamin E, I really fucked up my tattoo.

It was ALL my fault and the lesson I learned was deeper than the tat.

This how the tattoo looked after he reworked.

download (6)

I take care of my tattoos well now.

The picture below is right after he reworked (he’s really a dear!) on as I was getting creative when Naruto’s 500th Episode was done(Still en route to getting an Infinite Tsukuyomi on that pale moon)


PS: I was am living with the tattoo artist himself and can you think of the embarrassment I felt and the anger he zipped when my tattoo was just popping off like burnt plastic!

Take care of your Tats.


Portfolio of Staff Writer Positions —

Portfolio of Staff Writer Positions

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A Virgin enlightenment — May 1, 2015

A Virgin enlightenment

Pineal Gland produces DMT, inside us.
DMT is the only psychedelic that crosses the blood-brain barrier and gets to the brain.
DMT is produced.
It is consumed by brain as soon as the next nanosecond of its production.
It as though DMT is brain’s private mistress.
OR maybe it is the spirit molecule, as Rick Strassman says.
DMT is momentary.
Thoughts are momentary.
Life is momentary.

DMT is  Thoughts.
DMT is life.

That might sound too much, but I have a heightened sense of enlightenment in this sobriety that if we stop brain from eating all the DMT up, maybe we can pause life. Thoughts will be static. Feeling will be existent sans any record of time. That is immortal. Not the physical immortal, but the mental immortal.

DMT used to prescribed as an anti-psychotic a few decades ago. Well, well well. Look what dirty secret we found about the world!
I have never had DMT. I just finished reading Rick Strassman’s ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule’. The sudden rush of euphoria of the mere knowing took me to fining Dr. Strassman’s  AMA on psychonaut. He seemed a sane man with sane views. I believe science is just an record of our observations. As Foucalt says, truth is but the language of the majority, always. I do revere scientists, but I don’t revere them as supernatural creatures. Although, Dr. Strassman’s book seemed to be a strange overdose of positivity and enlightenment. The mind simply swung over the way his words lit. I’m glad.

I hope to be one with life someday. This strange knowing that it is DMT that is the ultimate truth and not Ayahuasca. And that, ayahuasca is DMT+, is just great! Lord. Wish I was born in the Amazon. Maybe I am. As another righteous state, not to thank your forefathers because we are our forefathers. Because we have never died. We have simply lived on an on. Maybe reincarnation is not the way you understand it. Maybe the corpse is dead only to our eyes. Perhaps the DMT after death is no longer eaten up steadily, rather death provides an abyss of endless DMT that body stops to exist, instead a mental life starts.Such joy, the thought itself is.
Shiva’s third eye now makes a real sense. Shiva is in all of us. Pineal Gland is located just where the Crown chakra is. Crown chakra charging the spirit molecule!
Next to read: The Soul of prophecy by Dr. Rick Strassman