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A little on the monstrous virtue called Pity — October 28, 2017

A little on the monstrous virtue called Pity

Personally, pity is a sort of judgment upon a hopeless person who can live on nothing but the result of the superiority complex called pity. I do not oppose charity, but to pronounce someone so inferior or lack of life is itself a destruction of my existence.

For example, there are so many who give Re1 to and perhaps even Rs100 to a beggar. After giving away their charity, most feel a sense of relief that tells that that they saved a person’s life. Can Re1 save someone? Or can Rs 10000000 save someone?

It is nothing but a tint of superiority and one without a shard of dignity.

What is Pity to me?

Moreover, pity is that finite judgment that pronounces a person who cannot be helped by themselves, but only out of the disrespect of others.

I was enlightened after I read Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead.This is the quote, “But this was pity–this complete awareness of a man without worth or hope, this sense of finality, of the not to be redeemed. There was shame in this feeling–his own shame that he should have to pronounce such judgment upon a man, that he should know an emotion which contained no shred of respect.

This is pity, he thought, and then he lifted his head in wonder. He thought that there must be something terribly wrong with a world in which this monstrous feeling is called a virtue.”

Before you go …

What is pity to you? Is it a virtue? What’s your take on Pity?

Is having a shaved head an acceptable fashion in India? —

Is having a shaved head an acceptable fashion in India?

It is an acceptable fashion in India.

In fact, I think it makes people look hotter with the shape of the face and features highlighted. Weirdly enough I saw a lotta woman shave in my campus (EFL-U) and around (Hyderabad) since I did in 2013.

For my partner, its his or her choice first of all and after all; but besides that, hell ya, I like shaved head people. Especially when you can glide your hand on an after-shave head with stubbles and where it blades the hands smoothly.

My Verdict …

A Cut Above

Moreover, when I shaved the head, there was about 200% straightforward comments on the hotness rate. Moreover, I felt like a walking-frozen-volcano.

Why are you still single? —

Why are you still single?

I am single because I was born single.

Nop, no attached twins or siblings on me; sadly.

What makes me still Single?

Here’s a checklist of everything I could pin down …

  1. My legs can only take the weight of my flabby blob. Really, I couldn’t be double if I wanted to!
  2. My mind does not have anymore XP to waste on having dead souls on the tongue.
  3. I learned after a few shite relationships that No isn’t always no because you’re expected to mind transfer when you’re in a relationship.
  4. I like freedom to fantasy or deliriums, for that matter. Hence, I am still single.
  5. Relationships are a cage. I fell in love once and the separation is enough for life and its basket of Yours Sadly Sessions.
  6. Don’t have energy or curiosity left to share and dig into another’s life from square one again. So much to do nowadays!
  7. I like to traveling light. Really, all that added weight. Whoosh!
  8. I believe in co-existence. No really, think about it.
  9. Ayn Rand told this and it went straight to my head, “I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another to live for mine”.
  10. Lastly, I took MDMA and was enlightened that love and the romance is just serotonin shooting up in the brain haywire. I get it.

Before you go …

I think I will forward this the next time dad asks me to marry somebody … anybody!

Are you still single? What makes your checklist to be single?

What are the biggest factors to consider when naming a dog: The Indian Take —

What are the biggest factors to consider when naming a dog: The Indian Take

Whenever naming a dog, cat or any pet for that matter, check your directory of Relatives and their names because if you even accidentally name one of those Chakky, Kitty, Malu, Jimmy and there’s a relative by that name; they will take revenge and you will be amazed at how they can trash your name, regardless of your serendipity.

Now, a bit of the backstory why I think so … about naming a dog

Couple of years back, my dad’s youngest brother (Kunjumon, whom I call Kunhchachan) gave a black lab to my parents. When dad send me the pic of this lovely black truffle, I was so overwhelmed and asked what they’d named him.

Mom said, “We’re planning to call him Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy”.

I hate Jimmy.

I knew talking about Sri Jimmi will not make her understand that Hendrix was a great guy, so I told her I hate that name because it was the nick name of that asshole in school who complained against me in my 12th class (which is true), and it is better to call him “Kuttapaayi” or “Kunj-achan”. One of my dead relative’s name was Kuttappayi (they’re actually neighbours at our home) so mom concluded with Kunjachan.

After a few days of training, the black truffle was a well-defined Kottayam Kunjachacn! (If you know what I mean).

What blew me away about naming a dog!

What are the biggest factors to consider when naming a dog?

I was surprised when I went to our Tharavadu (Main Family Home) and heard my cousins addressing their dog by “Rani” (What my mom calls me at home)!

When I asked in all awkward sense, Kunchachan (the man/ relative or whatsoever you wanna call him- I personally despise him for a variety of reasons, but that’s for another day!) told me that “I had to name my dog because you named your dog as my name”, I began to explain myself but it landed on deaf ears. Anywho!

I don’t know if their bitch (with all due respect) responded to Rani quite a lot, but she looked cute! And I don’t mind people putting my name to their dogs!

My Verdict

So, check with your relatives before naming your dog, especially if you’re in India.

PS: Its an irony that Kunjachan the dog did not stay for long at home as dad and mom had to move away from home and surprisingly, he had to be given back to the same brother. I guess Kunchachan had a tough time calling his dog by his own name.

Such a whole lotta LOL, kunjachan (translated as Little Father, from Malayalam) was!

I couldn’t find a pic but he looked like this …

What are the biggest factors to consider when naming a dog?

Why are tattoo artists so unfriendly? —

Why are tattoo artists so unfriendly?

Tattoo Artists are unfriendly because of irritating customers. No, really. I have been living with one and I know it a little too well. So, here’s your complete answer to what makes the annoyance happen at a tattoo parlor!

Accessories Tattoos Design Hands Rings Drawing

Here’s Checklist to ensure you don’t piss off tattoo artists, get a great tattoo.

Why are tattoo artists so unfriendly?

Why are tattoo artists so unfriendly?

  1. You walk into the tattoo studio without any IDEA of the DESIGN you want.
  2. You are Prepared to Assume the Artist will hunt the dream design down for you, for free, taxing on her/ his time and energy. (Pay the artist extra, if you want them to find you a perfect design+ talk to you like a brother)
  3. You bring alcohol or other intoxicants that you can’t handle.
  4. You blabber so much that the tattoo artist has to resort to the zzzzzzzing sound of the pricking needles.
  5. You barged in without a call (If the artist works from home)
  6. You are talking too much about your Love/ Sex or Work Life? No please, the artist is trying to concentrate.
  7. You are not leaving the studio even after the tattoo is complete
  8. You have no tolerance to pain and keep telling the artist to stop you or want the artist to counsel you out of pain!
  9. You bring endless friends into the Studio (or home for some matter) without any prior notice.
  10. You are haggling with the decided amount throughout the tatting! In short, You treat the artist with no respect or have no foundation for what you vouch for.

Before you go …


Lastly, no this answer in no way means that I’m agreeing that Tattoo artists are unfriendly.

How will you feel if everyone suddenly forgets you? —

How will you feel if everyone suddenly forgets you?


No need to do find a way to do Infinite Tsukoyomi and suck out everyone’s chakra, WOAH!

Think Again:  What to do if everyone suddenly forgets you

I am imagining …So, I don’t have to keep on unfriending people I know? Wow. Okay.

I have been thinking for the past 5 minutes. Really, I can’t think of anything other than being happy.

Two years back I chucked all my friends. No really, I did. I just got tired of people gnawing into my positivity. And then my productivity grew. You can try this too!

 if everyone suddenly forgets you

No really. I just love anonymity, peace, and silence to name a few!

Wouldn’t forgetfulness be better than death?

if everyone suddenly forgets you


Before you go …

I wish the wind would flutter
Erase them Memoirs
Of languid summers
And Scanty Winters

Wake open the heavy-lids
With the sound of a new tomorrow

Wow, that’d be nice for a change!

Pardon, a poet at heart .. here …

What would you do if everyone suddenly forgets you?
How did you start listening to King Crimson? —

How did you start listening to King Crimson?

Build A court for the Crimson King, or find a peaceful person who can guide you into King Crimson; once in, KC is like an entheogen!

When did I hear King Crimson first?


I heard King Crimson, thanks to a college friend named Irfus. He used to play this quite a lot. And in those days of being a newfound stoner, I fell in love with the first time I heard In the Court of the Crimson King. It was sedating and totally uplifting to a royalty that was really vivid.

It started there. Really, KC is easy to listen to, especially if you have some red dim lights and smoky room. Or something that looks like the court of the crimson king.

Now, King Crimson really makes me feel like the Lord of Severins!

Somedays I feel that if I listen to In the Court of the Crimson King one too many times, I am gonna be possessed by the Severin.


How do I speak to a customer care of Paytm? —

How do I speak to a customer care of Paytm?

When I first used Paytm a few years back, there were a few human customer service executives, but today there is not a speck of humane touch left in Paytm anymore. Its as if The World’s End reached Paytm before anything else.

Tactfully Paytm converted the call center customer reps into chat service and finally condensed the whole service into an email.

My Experience with PayTm customer service

How do I speak to a customer care of Paytm?

A year back after ordering three slippers and receiving one with the packet that says three, I frantically tried contacting them. All I could find was the email and I send a long email about the issue. The service was so bad that I had to coach the representative on moralities of offering options when a deal doesn’t get through in the first place. Finally, they did initiate the refund of the two missing slippers.

Yesterday I placed an order for my friend for two t-shirts, out of which one was received yesterday. In a haste, I fumbled to resolve the issue under the tab of Help- Missing Items, only two options were given- REturn or Replace, I clicked on Replace and now paytm tells me to keep the order ready for the pickup guy. How can I tell them that I can’t return the item that I never received?!

How do you talk with PayTm then?



You can’t talk via phone, you can try the email system although it barely works! Just keep doing it and like Bible says, “Knock until it opens”, so keep sending ’em emails!

I send them emails, FB Messages (from my work accounts), Twitter and what not! No response. They don’t have a customer care number then, how would they respond! No phone number ever gets picked. No one ever sends a response to care@paytm anymore. Its all a big joke (perhaps bigger because I am a miser).

A few days after saving this draft, the return pick up guy came twice, I explained the issue to him. He got it. But, Paytm did not.

I am losing my INR 289. Not a big deal, but well, I could’ve had a good Tuna and coffee for that :(.

Final Update: PayTm Returned the money


MY roomie didn’t stop sending them emails and Paytm finally refunded it out of the blue. Shhh but they refunded 300 rather than 289, so fade the above.

My verdict- Keep sending your emails and keep your fingers crossed.

Moral: Just keep trying when its with PayTm!

Has anyone watched Flying Lotus’ movie “Kuso”? —

Has anyone watched Flying Lotus’ movie “Kuso”?

I watched it a few weeks ago and: WHOA!

Here’s a short reaction of how I felt about Kuso the Movie 2017

I was glad that I did not pop the serotonin or 2cb pills to get a real feel of the movie.

The movie breathes on its own without any entheogens.

Its bare, raw and very very intense.

How do I view Kuso the Movie


AMAZING poesy that is alive and reverberating. The imageries are deep and poignant. Will I watch it again? Not unless I wanna prove a point (Or I am really fucked up in the head).

This is one of those movies you must never watch on narcotics, especially on Acid, MDMA, Nbome or even 2cb. The worms are so alive that it will peep off the screen. 

Period! You’ve been warned! 

As a freelance content writer, what should I do if I am not able to deliver article for some reason? —

As a freelance content writer, what should I do if I am not able to deliver article for some reason?

Inform your employer ASAP with the reason when you cannot deliver the article as a freelance content writer. Because, they too have a schedule. They are relying on you.

Moreover, if you signed an NDA, it clearly states that failing to submit by deadline will incur fine or surplus charges from the freelancer (all my NDAs did mention this).

As a freelancer, there are many reasons that can prevent you from sticking to the deadline

Such as the lack of an office and everything that an office provides, including privacy and (lack of) power cuts. I have had experiences of almost ruining the entire contract because of informing late. In any case, the employer will let you take your time to finish the project.

The same is why you must always specify a comfortable deadline. It is best to finish your work earlier than wait for the 11th hour, if you’re a freelancer. And, I learned this the hard way.

When you cannot able to deliver article for some reason as a freelance content writer, you can do many things, honesty being the first option.

The only contract I had to leave incomplete after committing was a recent one where after accepting the contract and analyzing the app, I found it to be unsubstantial to lend my words to it. I apologized and clearly listed my concerns such as lack of belief in the project. The employer politely obliged my requests and let me go, without any negative remarks (as it was on upwork).

How did I feel after as a freelance content writer

Bursting with serotonin!

PS: Work with employers who understand you just as you understand them. Please inform your employer so that he or she can make necessary arrangements. Moreover, one freelancer failing to submit an article does not puncture the cog-wheels of a huge website, but in case your employer is just starting out, the same can cost him or her a lot of trust.

So, PLEASE Inform your employer. And commit to what you can offer. Overpromising is the biggest con of Freelancing (it happens to every amateur freelancer, especially content writers), so please etch that deep in mind.

Many people pardon you because it is only natural to miss time as a human …

My employers have been just great and just last week I was pardoned again. Do great and keep a great communication with your client to succeed as a freelancer.

I hope not to repeat things, but Thanks, Mr. M, Mr. C, Mr. J, Ms. L, Mr G and Mr Nebojsa.