Why Should You Hire Me?

Simply put, anything under or over the sun of your demand will be penned to reality when your project is under my shield of job contracts. 👍

What Can I Do For You?


• WordPress Direct Posts

I am the official blogger for 5+ WordPress (Weebly and Shoppify) websites. It has taught me the hacks of posting mesmerizing blog posts that woos my audience, with little or no external help.

I can format the article to highlight as ‘Green’ on Yoast SEO as well as a ‘Good’ on the readability score.

My headline scores <71 on CoSchedule Headline Analyzer too.

Being an expert with Shopify and Weebly, I can post blogs for you via the same too.

• SEO Strategist

I am a seasoned SEO writer. I do not stuff or choke the keyword like in the age-old failed SEO strategy, but impart blood and bones to bring ‘em alive! I am aware of the keyword usages needed to make an attractive article that enlightens the target audience. In addition, I am always delighted to use and exploit new strategies!

All posts will have the main keyword naturally inserted ( Sorry, no keyword choking) in the Title, URL, Meta Description, H1, H2, First Paragraph as well as the last.

I follow an outline that organizes content sans any ‘wall of text’, but with bulleted points that are conversational alongside catchy H2, H3 and H4.

Please go ahead to have a look at my ‘Writing Positions’ in the portfolio below for a detailed review of my skills.

• Niche and Cliche Ebook Writing

As I have been a published ebook writer, any niche or cliché ebook writing project awarded to me will be made from ‘hearth to sun’, without any ado. I provide the template, cover page, table of contents, description and blurbs adhering to my client’s terms and conditions. For clients with ebook requirements, merely provide the Title of the book, watch the magic blow, and boggle your mind!

• Give nothing but genuine perfection and honesty

With 5+ years of stellar writing experience in diverse skills of creative writing, excellent research and ability to write in any format, I have produced 15000+ varied content files until date, hence, any bulk work is guaranteed to submission when assigned to me. And now, I extend the best of my skills for anyone who wants bring life into the slumbering dull life of your business with words!

• Trial Work

In addition, I am always ready to do a <500 words trial for any employer regarding a proposed project in order to analyze my qualifications and writing style, better.

• Mind-blowing Research

I take research with utmost seriousness and strive to rummage nothing but the rarest information that woos the target audience as well as any passerby on your content.

I can provide in-text links to all the data and statistics covered in the article.

• Graphically Designed Images

I use Canva to provide legal-to-reuse images, edited with your preferences of input text for an additional rate. I use Shutter Stock Images for all post/ book related pictures.For Amazon Kindle Books, I follow the dimensions demanded by Amazon for the images.

Finally, ‘WhatEver you want with words, is My Command’. My words dance the allurings of a precision that lingers in your targeted audience, for a long-long time.  They will come back sooner!

What do you Gain when you Work with Me?

• Accuracy Sans Plagiarism issues and Grammatical errors

Copyscape is for writers who copy. I produce 100% original content exactly as you want it for your target audience. No fluff, only natural keyword insertions and uniquely valuable content.

I believe in meeting client demands and requirements pertaining to the project, in precision, always.

• Submission before the deadline

As a ghost-writer, deadlines are literally grave to me and I take care to submit my work way before the deadline. I like to offer a clear TAT for every project, big or small and stick to it. You can check my Upwork portfolio for the rest.

So rest assured even if you have an eleventh-hour work, provided you’ve hired me!

• 12th Hour Work

I have an emergency writing pace of 800-1000 words per hour inclusive of research, for any immediate projects. So even if you need a work completed in the 12th hour, just ping me and keep calm. (The rates are mentioned down).

• Assured and Consistent Availability

As my Internet is stable, fast and accessible 24*7, the maximum delay in response to a request is not less than 6 hours at maximum. Moreover, I use a Giga Connection (Act Fiber, Hyderabad, India).Hence, I’m also available 7 days a week, for 8-16 hours each.

• Flawless Communication

Personal contact info as well as profile information such as Skype, Email and phone, will be shared for enhanced working experience, as I believe in keeping my employers posted perpetually and flawlessly on the work entrusted to me. I will contact within 24 hours and give you updates as promised. Morover my response time is less than 24 hours as per my working quotient on Upwork.com as a freelance content writer.

To clients

If you’re not genuinely interested in the content that you want from me, I am not your woman for the job.

If you’re looking for free work, move on. If you cannot fund the project before I begin the work, you are not welcome to work with me.

If you think that you need to use plagiarism checker and grammar checker for my content, I don’t think you understand genuine content and ridiculous errors on grammar checkers.

I have worked with clients from every country in the world and extend the best of my skills of communication and knowledge in the future too.

I look forward to all challenging, positive and enriching works from World’s best freelancing cannon anywhere!

My Rates

Top Rated Work: $3.0/100 Words or $30 per hour/ INR 186 per hundred words or INR 1860 per hour.

Emergency Work: $2.2/100 Words or $22.00 per hour/ INR 140 per hundred words or INR 1400 per hour.

Base: $1.875/100 Words or $18.75 per hour/ INR 113 per hundred words or INR 1162 per hour

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