All of us know the zillions of different poses and dresses of our favourite celebrities in their hottest looks.? It is true that such a surfing becomes much of a stress-buster on any day. But would we recognise the same if shown their teenage faces Let’s see how many can you recognise!

  1. Angelina Jolie
    One of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses as well as the hottest female of the world, Angelina Jolie has become a filmmaker and actress through her 20 years of career in Hollywood.
  2. Brad Pitt
    One of the hottest actors of our times, Brad Pitt has gifted the world quite many memorable films through acting as well as producing and did look hot in his teenage as well!
  3. Jay Z
    Today’s most loved rapper, Jay Z is known to be a rapper since his teenage. Friends remember Jay Z as walking around with a pencil and paper forever on him!
  4. George Clooney
    George Clooney has come from a goofy teenage face to become today’s immortally young star and we know that it is very difficult for you to buy that. Well, see for yourself!
  5. Johnny Depp
    The sexiest man on earth, Johnny Depp is truly a great actor for the great movies that he has given us. But do you know the sex comedy that he did while he was a teenager, looking like this?
  6. Robert Downey Jr
    The amazing entertainer that Downey Jr is, he did not actually have a pleasant teenage as he witnesses much depression in this phase including his parent’s divorce in the early years of teenage. Wanna see a peek of his teenage self? Here it is!
  7. Goldie Hawn
    The amazing Goldie Hawn had been amazing since her teenage. Well, how wouldn’t she? She claims to have learned the secrets of mindfulness way early in her teenage!
  8. Christian Bale
    The crazy hot batman of our times, Christian Bale was just another teenage while he was! Well, did you know that he had a huge crush on Drew Barrymore while he was an adolescent!
  9. Brooke Shields
    With many controversial roles as her debut movies, Brooke Shields has come a long way from her bushy eyebrows and shy girl look. She had been a Hollywood star since her very early years even having a part with Andy Warhol!
  10. Helena Bonham Carter
    She was such an amazing actor since her early years that King’s College denied her college application because they feared that she would drop out because of her acting interest!
  11. Elvis Presley
    The real rockstar of music, Elvis Presley is still a star 3 decades after his death. However, do you know that he was a Karate Black belt as well when he was younger? He followed martial arts with great passion before he encountered his love for music!
  12. Steve Buscemi
    One of the most familiar faces of troubled and adorable anger, Steve Buscemi has taken over millions of fans all over the world. Nevertheless, did you also know that when Steve was a teenager he was a bold fire fighter of New York City.
  13. Kate Moss
    The lovely face of the Hollywood Celebrity list, Kate Moss has a good and healthy fan-base all over the world. Did you know that, this little darling was much in stress in her teenage when she was, forced to pose topless?
  14. Lennon and McCartney
    John Lennon is a Legend, whom none of us have the luck to meet again. Paul McCartney is the living legend. Both of them were the oldest pals of the World’s most favourite band, The Beatles. Don’t you want to see how they looked when they did their first band performance as teenagers?
  15. Daniel Craig
    The new face of James bond, Daniel Craig is one of the best hotshot characters of World Cinema, currently. Did you know that Craig used to be a sex-obsessed teenager?
  16. Jane Fonda
    One of the startling drama queens of the big-screen, Jane Fonda was always adored for her talents of the same being from America’s biggest theatrical family. Jane was actually born a lady to the infamous actor of early Hollywood times, Henry Fonda.
  17. Lena Dunham
    The most realistic character on the popular TV Show, Girls, Lena is the all-in-all of the series. As a teenager, she was chubby and was much of an outcast among her classmates.
  18. Michelle Williams
    The Disney Child Michelle Williams stepped into Hollywood after her popularity among the kids, only to find out that Hollywood was not place for kids, as she says herself.
  19. Sofia Coppola
    The Oscar winning star started out aiding scripts for her father from an early teenage and became infamous for her telecast ‘Lost’.
  20. Gwyneth Kate Paltrow
    The sweet and lovely Gwyneth is also the best-dressed woman in all of Hollywood as well as the most beautiful person. Did you know that she was also, voted the most annoying people of 2006 as well?


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