With white sparkling sands, blue diamond water, teal sky and kaleidoscopic corals, it is difficult to realise that you are still on earth, once you are on a beach. The truth is what more can be in heaven while everything on a beautiful beach brings forth the endless tranquillity, vastness, virgin reefs and unmarred bare greens of the exotic jungles. When a warm evening sun suddenly descends into a stormy, icy-cold rain, bringing endless ripples on the emerald green waters and the lush green rocks in front of you, you cannot simply get back to the dull greys of the modern skyscrapers and its dingy apartments. Following list sheds light on ten best beaches in Asia that transcends a heavenly display of a zillion different blues, gold, whites, orange, yellow, green and black within your least distance of distinct vision.

  1. White Beach, Boracay:

Ranked one of the best reflections of earthly paradise, White Beach in Philippines has not one, but zillions of eclectic beaches all around it. With spotless blue water, celestial ambience and warm smiling sun, White Beach has become one of the highly visited Beaches for all travel lovers, in Asia.
Apart from the undue seasonal rush, White Beach happens to be one of the safest beaches in Asia, owing to 10 lifeguards patrolling all the five beaches in the area. The exceptionally symmetrical sand granules on White Beach are also, surrounded by the many stunning rock-formations, cliffs, jungles and caves to mesmerize the travellers. With nature in a serene symphony of heaven, once you see White Beach, nothing will satiate you ever again!

  1. Pulau Derawan, Indonesia
    Stunning turquoise glow of Pulau Derawan Sandy beach is truly a divine explosion of radiance, peace and orgasm of the nature! Being ranked as the second best beach in Asia, this Indonesian sandy beach is the most pristine of nature’s therapies in the embrace of underwater parks. There are oddly 31 islands in Derawan, each with its own exclusive history and picturesque elixir. The islands have extensive forests of mangroves, lime, coconut and thickets. Surveys claim that the reefs in Derawan are home to 832 different species of marine life.
    This coastal paradise is also a heritage site incorporated by the UNESCO since a decade. Apart from its calming scenery, it is also popular for the 18m long giant reef, known as Trigger Blue wall, where you can see thousands of triggerfishes with red-tooth hovering around.
  2. Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Mesmerizing caves of hallucinogenic radiance, vibe and peace, Phra Nang Sandy beach in Thailand is one of the highly popular tourist paradises currently. Being a small but, vital part of the peninsula, Phra Nang is the epitome of the best of limestone cliffs and tranquil atmosphere. A 15 minutes ride from the mainland will comfortably take you the secluded and amazing beauty of Phra Nang that will truly soak you in the warm sunshine and the searing glow of Thailand’s best beach!
A highly entertaining attraction of this infamous beach is the Princess Cave, where the sea goddess was, believed to reside. The vicinity of this cave is adorned with stunning and extravagantly sceneries that the Sea goddess is known to have made home to. The beach also has a gorgeous and sacred shrine that is, placed inside a limestone cave, which is known to be the residence of Thailand’s fertility Goddess. With umpteen goddesses settling around Phra Nang, it is impossible to miss the divine beauty of the place that once even the gods chose to live in!

  1. Havelock Islands, India
    With a dozen new shades of blue, yellow, orange, white and green embracing you from every possible angle, it is impossible to miss the epitome of bliss that you will feel at Havelock Islands in Andaman and Nicobar. Situated far away from the Indian crowd and its puzzling diversity, Havelock is a strange sense of spiritual rush in itself. Apart from its mesmerising scenery, atmosphere of Havelock has a strange sense of humility that tends to radiate a tinge of high holiness and sanctity.
    Havelock island is the largest ever island with a total area of 113.93 km sq amongst the islands that constitute Ritchie’s archipelago. Havelock has multiple artificial entertainment events such as Elephant rides on the beach, snorkelling and resting at amazing resorts as well. Many travellers quote leaving Havelock as a terribly painful ordeal as they emphasise that the peace in Havelock is as addictive as any other trippy entheogen!
  2. Sipadan, Malaysia

A rippling and vibrant turquoise that takes your tiny eyes to rummage deep into the stunning world of marine beauty, Sipadan in Malaysia is one of the best sandy beaches in the whole of Asia. With Malaysia boasting zillions of beach-destinations, Sipadan is truly the crown of the nation’s best beaches. An exotic destination for all turquoise-water lovers, Sipadan has an exquisite variety of mesmerizing marine life as well.
Proclaimed as the best place in the world to dive-in and live the stunning kingdom underwater, Sipadan also has large-lizards that bask on the beach alongside you! Snorkelling and sunbathing are the other active interests pursued by tourists on Sipadan. With a decade-old ban that closed down all resorts, restaurants, shops and buildings on the island, there is absolute calmth and peace sans the sellers who normally crowd the beaches everywhere to persistently, disturb the peace of tourists to coax them into buying things!

  1. Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines

A must-see beach in Asia, which is enveloped by giant rocks, Bacuit Archipelago in Philippines is a natural amalgam of radiant beauty, lush-green rocks (yes, Green it is!), glowing teal coloured water and under which, rests the crystal-clean exotic flora and fauna!
With Bacuit Bay having dozens of islands, it is difficult to rank the best beach among them. High peaks, mangrove jungles, limestone cliffs, marble cliffs, exquisite lagoons and stunning sunrises highlight the beauty of life on Bacuit Archipelago with a tranquil spirituality. Apart from that, the infamous picturesque beach scenes in Bourne Legacy (a famous Hollywood Film) and Survivor (An American TV Show) were, shot in the islands around Bacuit Bay. History states that there have been many luxurious expeditions, thanks to the archaeological findings of jewellery and metals, that Bacuit Archipelago had been the prime-tourist spot in the ancient times as well!

  1. Nishi No Hama Beach, Hateruma Island, Japan

Golden sands, water that ranges from sapphire till cobalt shades of blue and merges one with the cerulean blue sky is the signature view of Nishi No Hama Beach in Okinawa. The sky and the water perpetually changes colour that reflects nature’s way of showing us in a subtle way, how less colourful our modern reality is, in comparison to nature’s inventory of colours. The exotic charm of the beach displays the finest emeralds in the rippling water that has endless small waves lashing the golden sands. Apart from the mesmerizing long list of colours on the water, the sand is also infamous for its tender soft feel and texture. With snorkelling, diving and basking being the major spots for entertainment on the beach, there are many gazebos also on the beaches for a warmer shade from the orange sun!

  1. Soneva Gili, Maldives

Zillions of floating huts on the shamrock blue Sea, which transforms to a dull olive and sometimes to a Harlequin green akin to a laser light of endless greens, becomes a searing bright reality in Soneva Gili on Maldives. Exquisite cuisine that doubles the radiance of the view and enthrals the body with a positive energy is also the speciality of Soneva Gili.
A perfect tourist sport for travellers, who take delight into ecstasy, seeing the storms and rains on the beach are stunning. Although, leaving Soneva Gili is not such an easy task as you can never leave in hurry on a story night, as boats are the lone mode of transport.
The perfect dream-like atmosphere and surprising natural changes around you will definitely stun you and pull you to never leave Soneva Gili as it is definitely more than addictive!

  1. Koh Rong, Cambodia

One of the most popular beaches in Asia with nothing-less than ecstatic vacations, Koh Rong is a true work of God in his best! Situated in the lush green arms of coconut trees all around the beach is, situated on the second biggest island in Cambodia.
This idyllic sandy beach also has flawless white sands that seem to be, filtered through the finest sieve. With the waters reflecting a warm Mayan Blue, Koh rong is truly a paradise. Covered in the lush green and moss of the forests around, Koh Rong has a rich flora and fauna embracing it. One can explore many waterfalls as well as creeks and estuaries around the beach.
With nature throwing its best of gorgeousness all around you, it is but impossible to wink, once you step in front of the stunning beauty of Koh Rong! Whatever may your reason for treading to Koh Rong be, you will be, healed and uplifted into a natural enlightenment after this trip!

  1. Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam

The adrenalin hub of Vietnam, Mui Ne Beach is the ultimate destination for sandy beaches. Surrounded by giant dunes of sand, this beach has a stunning contrast of providing World’s best oxymoronic image of a golden desert adjacent to azure blue water. With tiny rocks and islands all around the vast expanse of Mui Ne, it is impossible to feel the warm-spirited sea breeze that caresses you from inside. During the tourist season, Mui ne becomes flocked with tourists from all over the globe who calmly partake in the astounding beauty of this incredible desert beach.
Mui Ne has many entertainment options for tourists, such as snorkelling, kite surfing and diving apart from the sumptuous feast for the eye, mind and soul!

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