In order to rate the efficacy of online dating, we must analyse the facts, merits and myths hovering ‘round it.
Let us start with the sunny side:

  1. Saving time and Money
    Definitely economical on both financial and time-related aspects as you don’t have to go through a dozen expensive dinners, gifts and outings any more. It is all free to give love, or at least negligible, given the internet is paid for!
  2. Limitless options
    YES! The best part of online dating is that, you can have any girl you have ever dreamt about. Seek, find, knock and talk is just too easy!
  3. Lesser Stress
    Dating becomes easy because, there is much lesser stress in online dating than in rea life dating. Here, stress about reacting right, impressing the chic or pouring out all the intelligence in our little heads don’t matter anymore. Well, you can even sit in the loo and chat online with your date and she wouldn’t know nothing about your loose motions!
  4. Freedom for Shy people
    The perfect solution for introverts like Rajesh Koothrapally (The Big Bang Theory) as online dating requires your head, more than your solid physical present right in front of the other person. However, you need to be physically present somewhere, in order to date anyhow!
  5. Freedom to talk about anything
    This is another boon of online dating, that you have the right to talk, swag, laugh, tease or criticism anything without the hassle, fuss or nervousness. Who knows, you might just be the charmer with that fear far off!
  6. No more Cut-throat Rejections
    When you are dating online, you don’t have to worry about getting a panic attack, freak out or shock that you need to control or react to as it simply does not work in virtual world like that! It normally dies down without much knowledge and no one seeks contact if they did not like you picture and information on the profile, initially. It is all super-clear and direct, online!

Now the darker side or the myths of online dating:

  1. It is virtual:

Not everything online is fake. One must understand first to dispose the belief that when it is online, you never know what or who is on the other side. The fact is you can always know that as there are websites verifying valid Identity cards, voice checks and video checks. Given the advancement in the age, photo shopping is just a click away, thanks to instagram. I do it. You do it. Everyone does it! So, stop thinking it’s an alien or nyan cat on the other end!

  1. There is no chase, thrill or mystery
    People tend to think that, with two pages of general information and self-penned autobiography of 50 words, the thrill of ‘getting-to-know’ is done! But, the point is, questions of the inner identity is not much clear through these generic information that is usually put up as part of the profile. Apart from the mystical aura that you believe is lacking, you should thank that you already know if your date is a killer Bieber fan or a rapist!
  2. It is silly
    People who don’t take online dating seriously are the same who flirt as an hobby and addiction every day. They know that they don’t take it seriously, so they believe that none else does as well! This is not just silly, but ridiculous as well!


You understand form basic counting that pros are more than the cons. Moreover the cons are just the myths hovering online dating. Tell us your views in the comments below.

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