Every woman is an amazing work of art, beauty and God, wherever she is from. The following is a random list based on the most popular and wanted woman from all over the world. Regardless of race, colour and country she originates from, every woman is breathtaking, hot and gorgeous. This is just an attempt to direct the exclusiveness of some of the woman from across the globe. Everyone has a different perception of beauty, we respect that, and hence, the above countries are in a random order. Please tell us your views in the comments section below.

  1. Lebanon:
    The beauty of Arabic females is simply stunning and magical in every sight as the world knows. With the smoothest, tender and gorgeous skin, Lebanese are known for their exceptional dance skills that are downright hot and magically captivating. The slender, hot and mesmerizing curves are a bonus to their ecstatic eyes that radiate a divine radiance. Lebanese women are the cocooned beauties that are unmarred, untarnished and flawless in their beauty, attitude and skills!
  2. India:
    Mesmerizing sweets, hot spices and multi-skilled in zillions of dances, Indian women are known for their gorgeous skin as well as their exceptional talents. Multi-skilled and amiable, Indian women are sure to captivate your senses with their dressing skills and hospitality owing to the great culture of the country. With every second mile that you walk in India, you are bound to meet a woman of different culture, attitude, skills and language as well as dressing skills. With saree being one of the hottest dresses, it is impossible for a non-Indian to drape 6 metres of heavy cloth around them and look sexy as an Indian does!
  3. Brazil
    The talents of Brazilian beauties are known all across the globe as drop-dead gorgeous, athletic and interesting. These women are infamous for their beautifully proportional bodies and diversity of the same. As Brazil in one of the best ethnical mix of people, it has a stunning collection of Brazilian women, who are sexy as they have women of all types, colours, proportions and talents. Brazilian women are very sportive, talented and interesting to spend time with.
  4. Colombia
    The amazing mix of traditionalism, talent and modern features, Colombian beauties are an unforgettable memory to anyone who has come across them. They are direct, honest and stern about their desires and wants as much as their bodies as are. Curvaceous, delightful and much more than sexiest is, Colombian women are the epitome of the perfect women. Every Colombian woman is courageous, frank and gorgeous and it will not be difficult to find amazing women everywhere in Colombia!
  5. Serbia
    Breathtaking beauties of exceptional ideologies that is unique, stunning and heavenly, Serbian women are, known for their beauty as well as skills. Their features range from the diverse mix of Mediterranean as well as the Slavic progenies and are always drop-dead gorgeous. Every Serbian female is a chic the perfect body, long legs, fair skin and flat belly as well as other zillion features of proportional curvy bust and butts!
  6. Croatia
    The divine mix of the best features of beautiful woman from all over world seems to have come to Croatian women. The tender soft texture of the skin as well as radiant attitude is the main attraction of Croatian women. These women are naturally, endowed with the best of womanly assets as well as feminine expertise that never stops or pauses!
  7. Russia
    russian women are, known for their out-of-the-word features that are prim, precise and stunning. Blue-eyed, fair, jet-red haired and highly bold, these women are the idols of every other woman across the globe. 4000 miles of stunning women everywhere, Russians are not just in the capital city, but everywhere around the country. With stunning mix of diversities, there are amazing talents that will mesmerize anyone to wonder if its heaven or earth they are in!
  8. Italy
    The land of best fashionistas, Italian women is the symbol of feminine beauty and delicious aura, just like their food. The super hot models that you see on Fashion TVs everywhere are, usually 75% Italians. Eclectic, elegant and slender, these women are born to captivate all living beings with their brains, fashion sense and beauty!
  9. Thailand
    Land of picturesque nature that enwraps you in its ecstatic and flawless beauty, the women are as beautiful as its geography. Thailand women are, known for their exceptional magic in the fingertips and bodies. Women of Thailand are, known to be uber-romantic, stylish and exotic in their air and wear.
  10. Ethiopia
    The land of women with the best assets of the world, Ethiopian women are, known for their virgin beauty, flawless texture and gorgeous skin. The mystic air of Ethiopians is infamous all across the globe. The traditional costumes, dances and attitude are amazing as well as stunning to anyone. Africa being the site of first ever evolution of mankind, the women here are truly everything that femininity is known for!
  11. Argentina
    Just like the stunning nature around Argentina, the women are equally beautiful. The women are, known to be tall, fashionable and breathtaking as well as highly romantic. Apart from their gorgeous skin and proportionate bodies, their exclusive accent will definitely make you fall in love with them, almost instantly.
  12. Romania
    The classiest women of the world, Romanian women are known for their caring attitude that is amiable, loving and cultured. These women are infamous for their dedication and love for the work they do as well as their stunning skin and its curves. These are a type of women known for their exceptional brains and smartness apart from their breathtaking curves.
  13. Netherlands
    The highly amiable kind of women who are infamous for their sexy long legs, women of Netherland are exceptionally clever as well as ravishing in their looks. These women are hospitable to strangers as well as acquaintances as they are, known for their love for humanity, friendly nature and loving behaviour.
  14. Poland
    If grace in physique has a realisation anywhere, it is in Poland. The women are, known to have unique tastes of fashion, style and culture, as they are also highly caring and loving to all people. These women are, known for their exceptional quality of being truthful and honest and anything far from gold-diggers.
  15. Bulgaria
    highlighting some of the best women with pristine angelic aura, the women of Bulgaria are fair, tall and light eyed with stunning hair. They are, known to be highly romantic and amiable as well as unforgettably charming!
  16. Sweden
    Known for the stunning beauty of both men and women, Swedish women are by far the loveliest females all over the world. Blue-eyed, elegant, tall and smart, these women are very friendly as well as clever!
  17. Ukraine
    The angles of the world, Ukranian women are known for their unforgettably mesmerising smile and the proportionate bodies. The women are highly romantic, gorgeous and smart in Ukraine.
  18. South Korea
    Lustre in the skin, with flawless proportions and sexy features, South Korean girls have always, been admired and adored for their brains as well as body, all across the world. These women are exceptionally stylish and glowing attitude as well.


Beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder. Tell us about your own sense of beauty in the comments below.

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