Ladies, now, you no longer have to put up with the long and daunting dinner to know your date’s sexual capabilities and tastes. You just need to watch him take those bites, gulps and swallows of the food he has, to judge his riding skills! It is not a myth that food and sex are two physically satiating acts. Both consumes and leaves room for ejections. It is all hormones, darlings, just hormones!

  • He is hurrying through big chunky bites of his food
    This man is in a desperate rush. He is fast, he misses things and he does not waste time on the foreplay or tantra (after-coitus-cuddling). The same on bed, he will not mind anything good or bad as everything is just a drive to burp or ejaculate, while eating and coitus, respectively!
  • It does not matter what he eats, he just needs to eat
    This man is not at all choosy or picky about what he eats. He is fine with anything and everything whenever the hunger pangs pop-up. He will neither appreciate nor complain about the good, bad or evil that you put him up with. He will simply follow you.
  • He juggles eating with watching TV, talking on the phone and even cleaning!
    This type of man is perpetually distracted. Yes, ladies, you can never be the apple of his eye. He just has too many eyes! While you’re on top of him, he will pause to light up a cigarette, en route, search for a pillow, adjust the AC and even heat up a slice of pizza! BEWARE!
  • He is too choosy about his food
    He measures his food and counts every calorie, fat and carbohydrate in it. He chooses health over fat. He knows the reason he should do so and the benefits he will reap form it. This man knows everything he does. This also means, lots of sex and lots of awesome sex with endless positions, tricks and direct entry into the G-spot!
  • He is well mannered, calm and composed before and after the food
    This proves that the guy opposite to you is a perfect gentleman. As he knows everything about keeping manners and taking even gulps, do not prejudge that he will be a slob on bed. Rather, this category of man will take into making everything right, perfect and satisfying, if not ecstatic or sumptuous!


We are not trying to be sexist or biased here, but these are results of genuine surveys taken over thousands of men. Feel free to comment below, as we are awaiting your replies to add to the survey!

PS: This article is written by Geomaria George. All other versions are subject to copyright issues.