Don’t freak out, but the FDA has recently approved up to 20 maggots in canned mushrooms and frizzy rodent hair to keep your food alive!
Food has been always a necessity of every living being since its very beginning of existence. Some food has evolved, some food has disappeared and some food has regressed. Let us look at some of the stunning and freaky secrets about the food we eat today!

  1. Legal permit to keep maggots, insects and hair in food

FDA has recently termed maggots, insects and rodent hair as ‘natural defects’ that must be in canned food. So, be assured, every food that is certified has wriggly beings and insects to keep your food fresh as it could ever be!

  1. Candy coat (Shellac) is made from bug secretions
    Shellac, which is the only available product to coat candies and jellybeans, is a gooey resin that is, secreted by the female lac bug! This one and only popular food glaze of today used to be the hero glue applied to fix giant dinosaur bones, back in the 60s before its ban!
  2. Cooked vegetables have more nutrients than raw ones!
    Science also says that raw vegetables are better than cooked. But, science also says that more nutrients are absorbed by the body when carrots are eaten after getting boiled!
  3. Processed foods to give make you a Zombie soon
    All processed foods are, permitted to have MSG, Sodium bisulfite, lanolin, and Aspartame. In layman language, these chemicals can make you a zombie if you religiously eat it, with increased heart rate, rashes, soggy white skin and memory loss!
  4. Cinnamon is the natural weight loss magic
    Cinnamon is the magical weight loss item that internet is bragging about. Thanks to its power of controlling insulin, blood sugar and weight gain!
  5. Decaf coffee has caffeine as much as a can of Coca Cola
    If you think you are healthy and fit, ordering decaffeinated coffee while all your stupid friends are destroying themselves having Coca Cola, brace yourself. A decaf coffee has precisely the same amount of caffeine as in one Coca Cola can. And, an espresso, 16 mg Caffeine!
  6. Extinct Cereal Oreos secretly, but happily living in Korea!
    If you think that the colourful chocolate brown and ivory white cereal oreos are one among the extinct oreo species, check out Ebay! The product is still actively, sold in South Korea.
  7. Fresh vegetables can paralyse you
    Are you proud that you salivate on a fresh pack of lima beans rather than grilled lamb ribs? Well, thanks to modern fertilizers and farming techniques, it is not nutrition but cyanide rate that counts today. Eat a fresh batch of lima beans and you will be bedridden with serious internal damage for weeks!
  8. Soda eats the bone and teeth density
    If the fizz, frizz and fuzz of soda exalts you, it will not be long till you start walking buzzed! Phosphoric acid in soda is, known to leech out bone and teeth density!
  9. Coconut water is the elixir that cures immune disorder!
    30 ml water, within the fibrous maze, shell and sweet and unmarred flesh, that is perched a 100 m high in the heaven, definitely bags the prize for being the purest water as well as a boost to immunity and healthy skin. Now, you know where elixir is!

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