Choosing the right dog that fits into your life as your mate and friend can be a daunting task. However, just when you think you’re done with it and bring the little guy home, you will realise that you can’t just talk to him with a routine ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello’. If you are suddenly realising the dilemma of it, here are ten convenient and auspicious names that will help you immensely to start talking to your new fur ball!
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  • – Buddy
    In fond memory of the smart and lovely Buddy of the movie Air Bud, nothing can be more befitting than naming your buddy, Buddy! It is honest, genuine, sweet and ends in a ‘y’, which makes it easier for him to respond to.
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  • – Molly
    For every Buddy, there is a Molly! Perfect for female dogs of all sizes, Molly surely is strong, sweet and hallucinogenic (just better than the street drug, Molly)
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  • – Duke

Does your new buddy never leave the responsibility of guarding you? Then you don’t need to choose ‘Duke’ as a name for him, because he chose ‘Duke’! It defines his courage, loyalty and love for you, in the perfect measure.
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  • Lola
    Just like the sweet, bold and lovely Bugs bunny Lola, your own Lola will love this name if she is one of the expert drama queen with a master flair for being the charming-know-it-all!
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  • – Bear
    Is your new fur ball as cuddly and huge as a bear? Then you must name him the bear and he will grow into a big, grand and cuddly big bear.
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  • – Riley
    Is your little guy fast, dashing, unique and smart like the incredible Rileys (car) of the 60s? Call him Riley and teach him all new tricks of skid, wheelies and stunts, because he is born for it!
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  • – Lucy
    The favourite redhead of Dracula as well as Beatles, Lucy is a sexy name to call your new hot and attractive dog. It sure is one name that never loses its fiery aura!
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  • – Samson
    The symbol of superman strength, handsome hair and boldest attitude, Samson surely is the name for the strongest of canines!
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  • – Bella
    If you just cannot stop loving your little ball of gorgeous fur, then, let the world know her by the name that defines her beauty, ‘Bella’! She is just perfect, ain’t she?
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  • – Max

The coolest and the trendiest name to revere your superhero, Max that will suite any dog that is happy, mad or angry!
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Do you want to name your dog all of the above? Tell us your reason and choice of name in the comments below, because it can just become the trendiest one if you tell us!

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