Cloning and immortality maybe centuries away, but celebrities today are going under the knife to posses the eclectic glow better than dolls, clone or even Gods! You might wonder how they remain younger than their youthful pair of bushy eyebrows, pouty lips and haphazard shoulders. Check the list below to amaze yourself with the real age of some of the celebs whom you think are stuck at their 20s or 30s!

  • – Jennifer Lopez
    Bushier eyebrows, sculpted cheeks and a blossoming bosom surely ranks Jennifer Lopez as a 25 year old, rather than the wear and tear of 45 Christmases and delivery of a twins that she has hopped past!
  • – Eric Milligan
    The perplexed, vulnerable and fresh little guy out of college that Eric did in Bones as Dr. Zack Addy has definitely decided to stay with him forever. Eric does not look anywhere above 26 while he is moving onto his 40th birthday currently!
  • – Pauley Perrette
    The teenage Goth queen role that Pauley did in NCIS was a magical role that the magic has surely treated Pauley to remain young, sexy and stunning like a 20 year old while she is riding past her 45th age, now.
  • – Tobey Mcguire
    The memorable chocolate boy who turned into the superhero Spiderman seems to have acquired another secret young suit under which he has been hiding his wrinkles, grey hair and 40-year old self!
  • – Bianca Lawson
    To go to high school alongside the kid’s of your friends, not as their teacher, but as their classmate is surely a rare feet indeed. With Bianca celebrating her 35’s birthday, directors cannot stop casting her as a Sweet little girl of 16!
  • – Johnny Depp
    At this stunning rate that Depp’s youthful charm is moving, he will start looking like a dad (at least) finally in his 90s! We all know that he is 50+ now.
  • – Emily Kinney
    The dainty voice and nymphet look of Emily prophesises her crossing adolescence on-screen in another decade perhaps while she will be in her late 40s!
  • – Jason Earles
    Hananh Montana’s Big Brother seems to have got stuck to the boyhood even when Montana has become a well-matured woman at present! Jason is currently 37.
  • – Gwen Stefani
    The 20 year old college blonde with stunning voice in 90s is what Gwen still looks and sounds like, while her age is jumping onto a 45 at present!
  • – Lenny Kravitz
    Fooling the fans and the world portraying characters 2 decades younger than his real self does, Lenny has impressed quite a lot of young girls at his ripe age of 50!


Were your guesses right or wrong about the above celebrities? Tell us about it.

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