Dream girls are not just, loved for their body, but for their hotter attitude, companionship skills and emotional balance. Some of our dream girls have also proved to be the best mates, partners and girlfriends with their amazing love life. Below are some of the best women to date and live together with as your girlfriends, who are also hot and famous celebrities!

  1. Emma Stone
    Beside the gorgeous curves and flexibility that Emma has, she has also proved out to be the ultimate girl with brains one would want as a girlfriend. Emma’s journalistic instincts and her unconditional love for Andrew Garfield have proved that she is just too good to be anyone’s girlfriend.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
    She is everything that a man wants in a mate: the loveliest annoying best-friend, sexiest Mystique (X-men character) and the funniest person who can make you laugh in hail, rain or tornado!
  3. Emma Watson
    With the little annoying geeky girl character that Emma played in Harry Potter series, she has definitely grown up to be the best stunning and intelligent chic that currently has become. With almost all celebrities ending up dropping out form their academics after a break in Hollywood, Emma has not only proved out to a new hot thing on ramps, but also a self-accomplished student of Brown University as well! She is the smartest, hottest and cleverest girlfriend that even Gods would woo to have!
  4. Scarlett Johansson
    The heavenly face of heavenly creatures, Scarlett had always promised to be a great actor if she could keep the unmarred and radiant aura of the perfect nymphet intact. Now that she is past a marriage and the next one soon to happen, Scarlett is currently one of the best-followed actors not just in America, but also all over the world. The gorgeous and feminine face of Avengers made with iron, golden hair and softest curve in the world, Scarlett is the best girl friend material in the market today!
  5. Diana Argon
    The gorgeous woman from the hot Savannah, Diana is, known for her exceptional loyalty, hot skin and amazing real-life evidence. Currently she has postponed all of her professional commitment to offer her super-arm bosom to console and comfort her near and dear friend Leah Michele. With Diana keeping off the big-screen and one surely knows that God is busy weaving the best man for her own warmth, somewhere as she surely ranks as one of the best chics to have as a mate!
  6. Dakota Fanning
    One of the best celebrities adored and admired for a sensible attitude towards fame and fortune, the gorgeous Ms. Fanning was also the best cheerleader, Homecoming Queen and a stunt academic in her high school. She is one of the best females who not only has brains alongside beauty, but also utilises it to get an Emmy as well as to get into NYU!
    With Dakota’s fans being almost the same age as herself, it will not be too late when she finds snatched off by Prince Charming for her amazing girlfriend parameters!
  7. Zoe Saldana
    With the recent selfie that Saldana posted sans any make-up, she definitely revolutionized both the half that is crazy about her as well as the ones who barely knew her to up-vote her as the perfect girlfriend to ever have! With Zoe fitting perfectly into the Sci-fi roles, there is no one better to have that a girlfriend who is your favourite character you play for a decade on your favourite game!
  8. Anna Kendrick
    An amazing attitude that charms anyone with to absolutely erase all of their notions about the girl next door, Anna is one of the best people the audience terms as to ‘being fun to be around’. With her fan-base doubling every other minute, with Anna as your girlfriend beside you, she will not just entertain you, but also your entire reality!
  9. Ellen Paige
    The infamously attractive girlfriend of Juno, Ellen surely has proved her worth in reality as well as on big-screen. A person who has always been immensely attractive for her cutthroat realistic dialogues that radiates nothing but absolute truth, Ellen is a wonder to all her friends and family. This tiny Canadian surely has the extraordinary skills to be the best girlfriend anyone can ever have, because she already knows what it is to be a girlfriend as well as a mother (on-screen)!
  10. Kristen Stewart
    Well, it seems that there is a technical malady with our generation currently as Kristen Stewart has been, voted as one of the best girlfriend materials. Apart for the contrasts, the best girlfriend factor that must have amazed the masses must be that Kristen took years to disclose her romantic affair with Pattinson, while also adding that the press will never get to know about her kids or even their names, claiming it to be personal!
  11. Amanda Seyfried
    The sexy mean girl or the Mean Girls TV series, Amanda is been quoted as being too sweet and easy to get along as well as People’s number one Hottie under 25 and Glamour Magazine’s Most down to earth person. One of her best hobby is the exclusive taxidermy that includes an owl, a moose, a goat, a raccoon along with a jetpack on the back and a baby horse.
  12. Jennifer Anniston
    The gorgeous woman who is also the Comedy queen of the age, Anniston has had an amazing career, gorgeous body and talent to woo the gods! Anniston has come past a broken marriage with Brad Pitt and is currently dating Justin Theroux.
  13. Selena Gomez
    One of the very few new-adults who have come past their teenage without ending up as a junkie or crazy criminal, Selena has managed to keep her charm and unmarred skin that Disney first took a deep interest in. Breaking the curse of being Disney’s child forever, Selena has also risen into being a good singer as well as an awarded actor!
  14. Karen Gillan

The Doctor Who star is indeed the craziest and one of the best girls on-screen to be your girlfriend. Karen is an amazing best friend and has a virgin potential to be anyone’s best girlfriend!

  1. Taylor Swift
    One of the best girlfriends have is the one who proclaims to the world honestly the love she has for you. Taylor seems to have been a serial and serious dater who gets has too many songs on her breaks up after too many serious relationships. Therefore, this is definitely a platinum girlfriend, everybody! You should try not to miss this opportunity if you want a serious girlfriend who will definitely inspire millions to give her millions because of your love!


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