Remember the little boys and girls we saw on the small-screen, while we were, tended young? Well, don’t you want to know what has come off these people? What have they studied and earned or done with their life by now? Are they successful academically as well? Or did they turn out into a zombie-like old hag in a rehab unknown? Following is an exclusive list on a contrast of child stars.

  • Shirley Temple
    She soared from the broken giggles of her early childhood from the big-screen to the national-screen after earning stunning smiles a love for being a great U.S ambassador.
  • Danica McKellar
    Our dear Winnie from The Wonder Years was also a wonder at her school as well owing to her love for mathematics. She was one of the most lovely child actors who grew up to charm the audience with her flair, curves and charm in adulthood as well after graduating from UCLA.
  • Amanda Bynes
    One of the richest and current popular celebrity of Hollywood, Amanda Bynes is surely a tad bit spoilt with a handful of police cases registered for illegal possession of marijuana, hit and run, suspended license and starting a minor fire in front of a random stranger. She is, currently enrolled into a fashion school.
  • Lindsay Lohan
    From the unforgettable face of Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan was Disney star who became famous with her lifestyle rather than films. Lindsey currently has a few cases under neglectful driving as well as dark-not-so-Disney-memories of rehabilitation as well.
  • August T Jones
    The popular half of the TV Show Two and a Half Men, August is currently being paid $300,000 for being the annoying thing that he is for the same show! He has even preached audiences not to watch the show owing to its obscene and filthy content as he is a avid follower of Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist church in Los Angeles.
  • Jodie Foster
    One of the most lovely faces of Hollywood’s little stars, Jodie has been starring in films since age 3. She is a proud graduate of the Yale University, two academy awards and has two sons.
  • Jonathan Lipnicki
    The cute and nasty, but amazingly entertaining little guy in Stuart Little, Like Mike and Jerry McGuire. He took a sensible break to rejoice in his teenage life but now, this master entertainer is back with the super power of Jiu Jitsu!
  • Macauley Culkin
    One of the best child actors of Hollywood who became a viral idol for a long time through the movie Home Alone, Culkin has become much more infamous because of his spic heroin addiction, smoking 60 cigarettes per day and the heavy ageing that he is falling prey to!
  • Kristen Stewart
    Started acting since age 9 for her amazing role in Panic Room, Kristen hails from a family of persistent and successful showbiz. She became famous with her female protagonist for the Bestseller-turned-movie, The Twilight saga and is currently dating her co-actor, Robert Pattinson.
  • Danny Bonaduce
    With the viral TV show of the 70s, The Partridge Family, Danny moved onto experimenting many career all through his life. He appeared on radio shows, directed movies and in Chinese theatre. Before the professional success came, there was a gap in which Danny dunk into many instances of drug abuse, poverty and homelessness.
  • Mischa Barton

    One of the anorexic child actors of the industry, Mischa was once complained to be malnourished and now people say has filled out too much! Although her weight-gain seems to confuse certain people, she still has many endorsements, deals and agreements to keep herself engaged.
  • Erik Per Sullivan
    The shy kid Dewey, who acted in Malcolm in the Middle, has grown a few bones, muscles and are confidence into his body, now that he is in his prime youth!


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