Being a child actor is a difficult task, as you would never understand the meaning of delivering an annoying look at Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball doll, if the director tells you so. Instead, all that will matter to you will be the crazily expressive doll in crazy clothes and on a crazy ball. And such misunderstood expressions and dialogues are certainly the ones that hike the fame in some of the child actors and their characters. The sad part is, some of the actors who were such immortal characters in their roles as children, have turned-out to be rather too ugly for the love that we all showered on them. Seems like growing up was truly difficult for the little kings and queens!

The below list gives some of the ugliest transformation of certain child celebrities of the past, whom you wish you hadn’t seen ever again, on-screen or off-screen!

  1. Dustin Diamond
    The funny cute and entertaining goofiness of Dustin in Saved by the Bell was just another momentary fling of the adolescence as his older self proves. Dustin is not ugly per se no, but it seems like an evil power has chewed up all his lovely charm and left a dry a smiling drumstick in its place!
  2. Danny Boundace
    The cutie pie of The Patridge family has proved to be not so cute after all. A few decades past, Danny has transformed himself into a by-product of drug and alcohol overuse. He has claimed to have gotten back on track, but his chewed up charm does is definitely lost in the neverland forever!
  3. Todd Bridges
    The cute kid Wills, with the bushy afro hair and a wide smile on ‘Different Strokes’ is currently a big flawless baldie with no charm, cuteness or smile that can make us smile as well.
  4. Lindsay Lohan
    The cute little girl in the Disney movie, ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘Mean Girls’, Lindsey has come a long way from her lovely charm and adorable face to a half dazed and run down face after a dozen rehabs and zillions of street drugs!
  5. Mark Hamil

The Star Wars star of 1977, Mark Hamil had a terrible accident trying to get past the four-lane-traffic to reach his off ramp. That blind move cost him his charm and fresh face to be, left back with a patched up face that the doctors did their best out of. Currently Mark’s charms mark him as a voice actor as well as exclusive accident-victim roles (The Empire Strike Back), thanks to the scars, patches and burns.

  1. Angus T Jones
    Most popular for the role of delivering sarcastic humour and snapping dialogues of a little man; Angus became the little star of Two and Half a Men. The half man that he was, had been majorly, loved and adored by his audience. However, fate seems to have had other plans for his youth as he looks like a terrible castaway or primitive coaxed into jeans and T-shirts now.
  2. Haley Joel Osmont
    The lovely face and star of the dialogue ‘I see dead people’ from the action move, ‘The Sixth Sense’, Haley has truly come a long way to turn into the roles of a merciless Nazi with his rotund and bulky figure, rather than the jaw-dropping cuteness that reaped success for the 1999 movie!
  3. Edward Furlong

The handsome little boy in Terminator 2 was truly brave, flexible and lovely to all the diverse fans across the world. Currently, after his jail-terms and emotional demolition of a cute face, he looks like he is ready to be hit by lightning, car or any a disaster sooner than later!

  1. Brian Bonall
    That cute little baby-face on the show ‘Family Ties’ went from being divinely cute to a look-alike of a devoted member of some cannibal cult. With incessant arrests and drug abuse, Brian has two lip rings that also emphasise his pale dead vampire look, rather any trace of the adorable little thing he once was.
  2. Macauley Culkin

The lovely star that rose to fame with the incredibly funny movie, Home Alone, Mr. Culkin is currently a reality star for being Home Alone with Drugs’. The worn-out deadly look that he has, has reaped him even rumours that he is dead. However, no one knows if it’s the zombie or Mr.Culkin that we have a moving body of!
He is definitely one child actor who terribly ruined his life, face and reality to become a Zombie, let alone a lovely face!


Are you shocked with our discovery as well? Can you tell us why in the comments below?


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