A Virgin enlightenment

Pineal Gland produces DMT, inside us.
DMT is the only psychedelic that crosses the blood-brain barrier and gets to the brain.
DMT is produced.
It is consumed by brain as soon as the next nanosecond of its production.
It as though DMT is brain’s private mistress.
OR maybe it is the spirit molecule, as Rick Strassman says.
DMT is momentary.
Thoughts are momentary.
Life is momentary.

DMT is  Thoughts.
DMT is life.

That might sound too much, but I have a heightened sense of enlightenment in this sobriety that if we stop brain from eating all the DMT up, maybe we can pause life. Thoughts will be static. Feeling will be existent sans any record of time. That is immortal. Not the physical immortal, but the mental immortal.

DMT used to prescribed as an anti-psychotic a few decades ago. Well, well well. Look what dirty secret we found about the world!
I have never had DMT. I just finished reading Rick Strassman’s ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule’. The sudden rush of euphoria of the mere knowing took me to fining Dr. Strassman’s  AMA on psychonaut. He seemed a sane man with sane views. I believe science is just an record of our observations. As Foucalt says, truth is but the language of the majority, always. I do revere scientists, but I don’t revere them as supernatural creatures. Although, Dr. Strassman’s book seemed to be a strange overdose of positivity and enlightenment. The mind simply swung over the way his words lit. I’m glad.

I hope to be one with life someday. This strange knowing that it is DMT that is the ultimate truth and not Ayahuasca. And that, ayahuasca is DMT+, is just great! Lord. Wish I was born in the Amazon. Maybe I am. As another righteous state, not to thank your forefathers because we are our forefathers. Because we have never died. We have simply lived on an on. Maybe reincarnation is not the way you understand it. Maybe the corpse is dead only to our eyes. Perhaps the DMT after death is no longer eaten up steadily, rather death provides an abyss of endless DMT that body stops to exist, instead a mental life starts.Such joy, the thought itself is.
Shiva’s third eye now makes a real sense. Shiva is in all of us. Pineal Gland is located just where the Crown chakra is. Crown chakra charging the spirit molecule!
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